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Legendary Anatolia, or Asia Minor,is one of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea which was eventually the birth-place of a bold and unsurpassed civilization for centuries. This peninsula of the Turkish Republic has the coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, almost half of which is the border of Antalya City. The wonders still stand there today, even in ruins, in its power to amaze – through the excellence of monuments, its spectacular tombs and, above all, the awesome spin of time through which its greatness has survived. It is God’s work that the country was rich in art and accomplishment while Europe was in its Stone Age, and also Thanks to God its life it was so gratifying that man asked for nothing but eternity than to go on living in a close replica of this fruitful earth he loved.

They in fact engineered intricate irrigation systems, developed mathematics, mined useful and precious ores, traded with lands over sea, perfected the techniques of administration and government.

Perhaps you have heard about the enchantments of this miracle land though some epochs told by the visitors of Antalya. You will see that it is really no exaggeration in telling and applauding this truth wherever you enter into the City. On both sides of the streets date trees soar up into the sky, and in the middle of the streets water flows in canals in a never-failing continuity and serenity. Those are the first vivid specialties that will welcome you.

It has a large and radiant Park embellished with lots of different flowers and trees. To its south is the sea, and the cliffs are often rocky and steep, and they form a natural border in the height of 50 or 60 meters in the south of the City, and those cliffs stretch along the shore 10 or 12 kilometres long. Rivers and streams, the sources of which are actually in the Taurus Mountains, pour down in thunder over the cataracts on its way into the sea along this coast. The water comes down over the cliffs in such a way that millions of water-dews in atoms look like a misty dust embracing the gloomy sea.

Lara, Karpuzkaldiran, Mermerli Beaches near the Park, and Adalar, Konyaalti Beaches in the east are some that can provide good bathing for the vacationers. After Konyaalti Beach towards the west Arapsuyu Beach, is another one which was turned into camping area by the Antalya Tourism and information Society.

Whenever the vacationer visits Denizli (Hierapolis). Konya and Adana they are bound to call at Antalya. Because those cities are so near to Antalya. And also you will find priceless treasures of the historical masterpieces as well as the two sophistications mentioned above such an incomparable treasure that you will ask yourself in a moment and try to give an answer to how even one huge stone, in tons of the facade of the theatre of Perge had been hauled up 20 or 25 meters high by the use of levers, ropes and manpower only; and further, why and for whom the theatre in Side had been constructed so large; and then today why no human beings live except birds in Termossos which once had a population of 150.000.

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